November 24, 2011

Spanish & Spain

Thanks to Fernando G. Aviation Tools is now available in spanish !
Also I've added support for Spain maps !

United Kingdom1158
United States27439

November 15, 2011

App Widget

Aviation Tools now gots it's own widget. Just a few user messages to translate, some testing and the new 1.8.5 release will be deployed to the market !

November 13, 2011

Coming soon...

Home widget is on it's way !
Theme and style still need work.

September 15, 2011

Did you know ?

You can have your own charts and/or documents that appear in Aviation Tools for a specific airport !
Just create a directory in your Aviation Tools directory (on SDCard) name User (it should already exists), and put your maps in it.
File must be in PDF format and filename must start with the ICAO code, eg :
Your maps will then appear in Aviation Tools prefixed with “User” :

September 12, 2011

Brazil !

Added support for Brazilian maps !
Source :
Thanks to VirgĂ­lio for this link.

We now have map support for :
  • Brazil  (1697 maps)
  • France (931 maps)
  • Italy (243 VATSIM maps)
  • Netherlands (196 maps)
  • Norway  (599 maps)
  • United Kingdom  (1160 maps)
  • United States (27284 maps)

September 11, 2011

Aviation Tools v1.8.0

New version :
  • Minor bugs fix
  • French translation (for Editor/Runways)

May 5, 2011

Aviation Tools v1.x

Aviation Tools is a pilot tool for preparing flights.

Main ListAirport Info

Get instant access to useful informations : METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, AFD …
  • Quickly find the nearest airports (displaying the distance and bearing)
  • Weather information and NOTAMs (remain available offline),
  • Download directly all available documentations (AFD, TAKE-OFF MINIMUMS, ILS…) (currently available for United States, France, Netherlands and UK. Send me an email if you want to add your country)
  • Call ATIS directly from the application,
  • Calculate sunset and sunrise,
  • Inline airport Editor to add or change an airport (collaborative)
  • Worldwide database pre-loaded
  • If you are not French use FAA source for NOTAMs (Note: go to menu Preferences and select “FAA”)
  • The METARs TAFs and are decoded and converted according to selected units in the “Preferences”
  • And much more…
Feel free to contact me if you have problems or if you have ideas for new features or if you need a better support for your country.
Available languages: English, French (contact me if you want to translate the application into another language)