May 5, 2011

Aviation Tools v1.x

Aviation Tools is a pilot tool for preparing flights.

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Get instant access to useful informations : METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, AFD …
  • Quickly find the nearest airports (displaying the distance and bearing)
  • Weather information and NOTAMs (remain available offline),
  • Download directly all available documentations (AFD, TAKE-OFF MINIMUMS, ILS…) (currently available for United States, France, Netherlands and UK. Send me an email if you want to add your country)
  • Call ATIS directly from the application,
  • Calculate sunset and sunrise,
  • Inline airport Editor to add or change an airport (collaborative)
  • Worldwide database pre-loaded
  • If you are not French use FAA source for NOTAMs (Note: go to menu Preferences and select “FAA”)
  • The METARs TAFs and are decoded and converted according to selected units in the “Preferences”
  • And much more…
Feel free to contact me if you have problems or if you have ideas for new features or if you need a better support for your country.
Available languages: English, French (contact me if you want to translate the application into another language)